Rebecca Dowbiggin University Admissions Consultant

Rebecca Dowbiggin

University Placement and UCAS Advisor

Rebecca graduated from Cambridge University in 2007 and since then has developed a passion for providing quality, bespoke tuition has allowed her to build a reputation not only as an outstanding tutor but also as a highly experienced Academic Assessor and Education Consultant. Rebecca spends much of her time guiding students and their parents though the UK education system, providing both short and long term plans for improvement and progress.

Rebecca’s strength lies in her in depth knowledge of the evolving national curriculum and intricacies of each unique GCSE and A-level examination board syllabus currently taught in the UK. Rebecca is extremely experienced in supporting students who are educated outside of the traditional school system and currently home-schools students training to be professional athletes and those who have recently transferred from the US to the UK.

Each year Rebecca guides many students through the UCAS application process; advising on personal statements, reviewing admissions essays and preparing students for interviews. She has notably successfully facilitated many pupils in their pursuit of places at Cambridge and Oxford.