Educational Roadmap

Our 'roadmap' provides detailed admissions timelines from Nursery through to Higher Education, giving families peace of mind about their complete educational journey.

School Placement

Choosing and applying to a UK school is a complex and time consuming process. Our school placement service puts your child at the centre of the process and offers a personal and discreet advisory service in securing a place at the best school for your child.

We work with you to advise on every step of the application process from academic assessment, preparing for entrance exams and interviews, shortlisting schools and arranging personal tours, liaising with the admissions departments before successful placement. 


University Placement

Our University Consultancy work closely with the admissions department with the vast majority of the leading UK and US Universities and Colleges to ensure a completely tailored approach to your application on the perfect course.

We help with UCAS applications, personal statements, University course selection and shortlisting, as well as all the tutoring support through exams.

US College Application

Application into the US College System is notoriously competitive and complex.  Our in house US Academic Consultant will deal with each stage of your application and advise on the requirements of your chosen Colleges.

Services for Schools

Independent School Admissions Plus Magazine

The definitive source of information for all professionals working in independent education, covering a wide range of topics from school marketing, student recruitment, branding, international education, bursaries, new regions, visa, admissions data, careers and much much more.