William Clarence offers advice and support for students applying to read Medicine or the Medical Sciences.  With an exceptional track record of success with medical school admissions, we offer a student their ‘own’ consultant who they work with the whole way through the process. To help you maximise your chance of admission, your medical application consultant will provide expert guidance at each stage of the application and be a constant support link for you.

Work normally starts two years in advance to give a student enough time to prepare a top-class application, but we have successfully worked with students from a later start date. 

After an initial consultation with one of our specialists, your medical school application package will include:

  • Assessment of qualifications and cv - analysis of your academic history and cv with advice on wider reading and academic preparation

  • Advice on work experience. Work experience is a key part of building your CV whilst also giving you a real taste of what it’s like to work in medicine. Gaining relevant work experience can be one of the hardest parts of becoming a prospective medical student but we will be on hand to advise 

  • Shortlisting universities - your consultant will work with you to shortlist different options until you arrive at your final four

  • Admissions tests - UCAT and BMAT - tuition and practice for these tests is key

  • Personal Statement - working with your consultant on drafts to craft the best possible statement. A personal statement should illustrate high academic ability and extensive work experience together with passion and determination for a prospective medical career. Most medical schools are looking for motivation, interesting work history and a good fit for their learning environment

  • Interview preparation - formats vary from the traditional questions to the multiple mini interviews (MMI) involving different scenarios to solve or questions to answer in a short space of time

  • Acceptance of a place - advice on which offer to accept