Sri Lanka and Zambia A-Level Preparation

A-Level Tutoring


Brother - A-Level Maths and Physics
Sister - A-Level English

Background and Outcome:

Due to the family being spread out across two countries after a family bereavement, and our tutor being based in London; this requirement has taken meticulous planning by all involved.  

The brother being at a boarding school in Sri Lanka, and being considerably behind his peer group due to circumstances required a lot of attention from our A-Level tuition team here in London.  He had 2 x 2 hours of Maths help per week and a similar level of help on Physics for two full terms.  With regular homework set, he gradually improved his standard and went from scoring D's on practice papers to B's and A's.

The sister needed a less intense experience and has seen her tutor for a year, once a week and for one shorter homework session.  She has shown great improvement and is nearly ready to finish her tuition; she is nearing the required standard.

Ongoing tuition has meant that after a year of tuition, both brother and sister showing great progress and are entering their final year of study.