How to maximise your chances of winning a place at Oxford or Cambridge

July 2nd 2018 - Admin

Oxford and Cambridge are two of the best universities in the world so it’s no surprise that competition between applicants is fierce. Excellent qualifications help but they are by...

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Banishing 7+ myths: the truth about school entrance exams

June 11th 2018 - Judith Aitken

We’ve listed the top 5 myths that make the rounds each year on the run up to the 7+ exams; including some which are complete hearsay, as well as the ones you should definitely take heed of...

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Choosing a summer school for your child

June 7th 2018 - Zoe Tyndall

Choosing a summer school can seem like a difficult task with so many on offer that appear similar upon first glance. A good first step is to sit down with your child and work out between you what they want, and what you want for them, from their summer.

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Deciding between Oxford and Cambridge

June 7th 2018 - Zoe Tyndall

So, you've decided to apply to Oxbridge. You can't apply to both, so how do you choose? Our University Admissions consultants have compiled a few similarities and differences to help make your Oxbridge application a little easier...

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Applying to a British University, why and how?

June 7th 2018 - Craig Van de Velde

Degrees from UK Universities rank amongst some of the highest in the world, and the UK offers a number of scholarships, loans, and grants for International Students. Craig Van de Velde explains how and why you should apply...

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How to make the perfect UCAS University Application

June 7th 2018 - Craig Van de Velde

Can any UCAS University Application really be perfect? Well, maybe not perfect, but with this 'how to' guide from Craig Van de Velde, you'll be close!

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What is the right age to consider a UK boarding school for your child?

June 7th 2018 - William Dunlop

A generation or two ago, children went to boarding school at the age of seven or eight. No longer. So what is the right age today?

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Making the most of the summer break

June 5th 2018 - Dr. Helen Wright

What do top educators recommend children do with their Summer holidays?

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UK Prep Schools - Finding "the one"

June 2nd 2018 - Judith Aitken

When it comes to selecting a school for your child, the entire process can be just as stressful as moving house or starting a new job. It can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are items our school placement consultants consider to be top of the agenda when choosing the ideal school.

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International US College grads share insights & tips - Part 1

May 18th 2018 - Susie Cochin De Billy

The decision to attend university in a foreign country is a declaration of courage. To demystify the experience, we contacted recent US College graduates to find out what took them by surprise - both academically and socially.

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Exploring all the possibilities in choosing schools: why parents need a trusted guide

May 15th 2018 - Dr Helen Wright

Parents should not expect to walk alone through the thorny process of choosing a school, or of ensuring that their child is well-prepared to be successful in their application. Help is at hand!

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Can a top-performing school have a great SEN department, or are the two mutually exclusive?

April 18th 2018 - William Dunlop

There is a misconception among some parents that schools which cater well for SEN cannot enable other children to perform to the highest educational standards. It has always been a false assumption, and in a rapidly-changing world it is more wrong than ever.

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Choosing the right school: why London parents should look beyond the M25

April 10th 2018 - William Dunlop

Schools in London have little incentive to be different. There is a vast array of outstanding schools within easy reach of the capital, and the services of a good school placement agency can be invaluable in finding the right one for your child

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Choosing a guardian for international students in the UK: what parents need to know

April 5th 2018 - Dr. Helen Wright

The vast majority of UK schools will require their international students to have a UK-based educational guardian, but how do you choose the right person?

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What to look for when choosing a nursery for your child

March 2nd 2018 - Sabine Hook

Choosing a nursery is often a daunting experience for new parents. Here are the key points to consider when selecting a good fit for a baby you haven’t even met yet..

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It's all about you! Tips for tackling the US College personal essay

February 9th 2018 - Susie Cochin de Billy

The US College Admissions essay is the place in an application where your personality can shine through. Susie Cochin de Billy shares her advice on getting started...

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US vs UK Universities – Deciding What’s Right for You

October 31st 2017 - By Susie Cochin de Billy – Arcus Advisory

Faced with the choice between applying to university in the US or the UK, it makes sense to first determine what you want out of the experience. Both systems offer excellent options for a fine education but have distinct points of difference.

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William Clarence Education expands its international team of advisors with two high-profile new members

October 4th 2017 - Admin

William Clarence Education expands its international team of advisors with two high-profile new members. The London-based education consultancy announced this week the arrival of two leading names in the industry, joining its growing team of UK and international education advisors.

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Applying to US Universities – What You Need To Know

July 14th 2017 - Susie Cochin de Billy - Arcus Advisory

The key to admission at a prestigious US college is positioning oneself to stand out from the crowd. Our US College Admissions Consultant, Susie Cochin de Billy, offers her advice on applications...

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Residential and Home Schooling

May 4th 2017 - Admin

What can parents do to help their children stand out from the crowd? We look at the benefits of home schooling in a variety of scenarios.

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