Growing Aspirations with Education

Growing Aspirations with Education

October 6th 2017 - Peter Tait

“The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations.” Adam Smith “ I think the difficulty is the aspirations that anyone can have placed in front of them can only be...

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Want to see what your kids are capable of? Stop giving them things

August 9th 2017 - Peter Tait

For young children, swamped with ever more toys and belongings, imagination becomes the first casualty. Given an endless cycle of toys, boredom sets in as one toy is replaced by another and then discarded in anticipation of the latest upgrade. It is no surprise that children complain ‘I’m bored’ when standing in the middle of a room full of toys; too much of anything is boring; clear the decks; just stop giving them things.

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Why we need a new History curriculum

August 8th 2017 - Peter Tait

The issue for schools, however, is not the debate, but simply about giving children a knowledge of their own past so they will be better informed in the present and future and able to make their own judgements. In order to do that we need a history curriculum that is both outward-looking and contextual and which is centred around Britain and its relationship with the Empire, past and present.

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China and Education

July 14th 2017 - Lord Paddy Ashdown

On 20 January 2017, Donald John Trump became the United State’s 45th President. The inauguration of a US President is always an important moment for the US and for the whole world....

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London Day School Waiting Lists

July 14th 2017 - Lucy Watts

Now that the throes of the London Day School testing are over, a number of parents will find themselves with waiting list offers. Lucy Watts, former Headmistress of Eaton House, Belgravia, has some guidance on how to manage the next few days before School acceptance dates.

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William Clarence Education, London - My child starts at boarding school in the UK in September. How can I help her settle in?

My child starts at boarding school in the UK in September. How can I help her settle in?

April 21st 2017 - Dr. Helen Wright

Dr Helen Wright provides some excellent tips for helping children to settle in at their new UK boarding school.

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Technology and Education: A Perfect Match by Lord Paddy Ashdown

Technology and Education: A Perfect Match

March 22nd 2017 - Lord Paddy Ashdown

Show me a business model that takes no account of the new technologies, and I will show you one that is on its way to failing...

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