Relocation from India

Homeschooling and School Placement


11 year old boy struggling on both Maths and English


We were instructed by an Indian family moving into the UK; their aim was to gain entry to one of the UK's most respected institutions.

After a consultation and academic assessment by a tutor who was very experienced with the shortlisted school we set about putting together a plan of tuition for the 6 months prior to the family moving into the UK.

A major part of the project was to ensure the child was left with a life long passion for learning, as we were conscious that entry to the school was only part of the job; ensuring he coped and was happy was the important part.

Our tutor worked twice a week with the student in question and set work for the downtime in between sessions.


Andrew was a fantastic help.  He was very accommodating and understanding of our needs and worked patiently with X in order to instil confidence into his work.  Our relocation to the UK was stressful but it was a pleasure working with Andrew and we would definitely recommend your services - Thank you to your team.