Intensive Italian Immersion



Mother, Father, teenage son and teenage daughter.


We were approached by an international family who spend a lot of their time travelling the world with family homes in many countries.  They were to spend 6 months in London, and wanted to learn Italian as a group.  The motivation for this was partly as they had a home in Florence and wanted to speak to locals, but also as a family bonding experience.

We recruited a qualified native Italian private tutor to visit the family in their Central London hotel daily for the entirety of their stay.  Learning as a family can be fun but it also presents challenges in terms of age groups, how different people learn, and how to structure group lessons.

We worked with our tutor to plan the entire 6 month course to enable the family to have fun together, but also pick up the basic conversational Italian needed to feel at home in their new home in Florence.


A fantastic experience, family bonding experience and conversational language results.